Save reducing your General Expenses

Thanks to our experience managing production processes in China, we have faced continuous supplier searches, finished products and the approval and testing of the same, which gives us a great experience in production oursourcing. We also control the issuance of finished products to its facilities or directly to customer warehouses across the different incoterms: FOB, EXW, CIF etc. This service requires great expertise and  PRODICEX offers it to the companies that need to make this leap.

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We turn your ideas into projects

From PRODICEX offer product development service covering all project phases. We integrate the customer development team in order to achieve the objectives set out in the initial stages of the project, from conception and design phase of the same until the start of production or registration of intellectual property. We bring our knowledge, our experience and the most modern.

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We are your gateway to global markets

The base that supports businesses that are growing in the current economic climate is its internationalization.

From PRODICEX  we support  companies that despite of having valued products they don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to operate in a global market.

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