Commercial Implementation

Companies that have a significant portion of sales in foreign markets are overcoming the present difficulties of the economy better than others. However, in this process a number of risks and difficulties are faced, in principle, may adversely affect the objectives.

PRODICEX applies its expertise in international markets to facilitate the internationalization of companies in order to enhance their potential and get the business opportunities offered by the foreign market.

Can my company export? Does my product or service can be exported? Can you help me to avoid major mistakes?

In addition, after designing the Internationalization Plan, PRODICEX can also help in its development, implementation and identification of customers in the new markets.

In PRODICEX we adapt to the needs of your business in any market, bringing a high added value.

  • Advice on implantation strategies in foreign markets
  • Preparation and support in international fairs
  • Elaboration of commercial agendas
  • Potential customers research
  • Business opportunities research
  • Customers, agents, suppliers or distributors research