More and more companies have seen the opportunity to accelerate their growth and reduce their production costs  relocating part of its production plants in Asia. Asian countries, thanks to a constantly infrastructure developing and relatively low labor costs is an exceptionally attractive destination for foreign investment. However, start producing by our own in Asia requires investment and a team properly prepared to work in an unfamiliar environment.

An alternative is to sign an agreement with an Asian production plant to manufacture with our design. This type of solution leads to a high production elasticity and speeds up changes or additions to the product range, sending orders to the most suitable supplier: if the technical or production capacity are not enough to meet placed orders you can sign an agreement with a new business partner in Asia.

The selection of how to carry out the production in Asia is one of the most determining factors when you choose a local manufacturer. When choosing an Asian manufacturer, are evaluated in turn many other aspects related to, among other factors, the production process, the location of the manufacturer, its prestige and educational level and experience of the technical staff.

Think you’re paying too much for your raw materials or finished products? Are there parts of the production process that would be interested to be outsourced?

Our knowledge of the Asian market and our sustained presence in it allow us to suggest trusted partners who have a good reputation and to ensure compliance with its obligations. For this we have a team of people with technical training, which enables us to evaluate the productive potential of selected potential partners that best match the profile of the product. In addition, in projects with a wide variety of products or processes it is needed to coordinate manufacturing partners with productive plants which are so far away, something that is very important to achieve success in the final product.

PRODICEX offers the management and advice for:

  • Elaboration or production forecasts and production monitoring
  • Definition working protocols with customers
  • Definition production control systems
  • Inspections of factories with supervision of:
    • Product Regulatory Compliance
    • Social compliance
    • Production
    • Pre – shipment