When a company takes the step to enter in China has to do it in the hands of professionals who know the market, in order to reach commercial or product manufacturing agreements, avoiding the risks associated with foreign market.

Thanks to the support of our agents in Hong Kong and China we will provide all necessary services to buy in Asia by your standards of safety and price. We can find the products you require and we ensure complete tracking of your orders. All suppliers and factories are monitored on site regularly to ensure compliance of their goods and respect of the deadline.

Our experience in business in Asia combined with our necessary knowledge and skills  for effective negotiations guarantee a high quality service that is based on issues such as:

  • Selection and definition of potential suppliers.
  • Support closing the negotiation with definitive suppliers.
    • FIXING pricing and payment methods.
    • FIXING service level.
    • General manufacture arrangements based on product specifications, packaging, regulations, etc.
    • Suppliers’ Homologation.
    • Support the achievement of the necessary certifications.